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V1 Alpha Performance Grip Sock

V1 Alpha Performance Grip Sock

V1 Alpha Performance Grip Sock

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The V1 Alpha Performance Grip Sock is the perfect pair of socks for the modern athlete. Studies derive that lockdown and overall comfort within the foot and the shoe is absolutely necessary in order to achieve greater results while training. The V1 Alpha is a versatile sock that can improve all aspects of a plethora of sports. With the combination of Soft cotton and the highly adhesive rubber pads on the sock provide the necessary attributes to dominate! Worn by professional Footballers, Cyclists, tennis players and more! The V1 Alpha comes in 8 different colours!


Love using the V1 Alpha's during my Basketball training as well as when I work up a sweat at soulcycle!

Fav colour: Light Blue

Fareed L.

I am constantly on my feet as a personal trainer and I need the comfort and reliability I get from the V1 Alpha's. On a side note, I would love more colours...

Fav pair: Laser Mango

Clyde D.

running half marathons or just lounging I find that these socks are THEE most comfortable!!

Fav pair: White :)

Ophelia M.

I am an avid squash player and the repetitive lateral movements were wearing my ankles and knees down to sawdust! glad I can keep my balance and agility with the V1 Alpha. Love the prices btw!

Fav pair: Yellow

Bertram F.
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